Saturday, October 20, 2007

Some Random Musings

Last night, I got into a conversation about how certain areas of the academic world seem to have no purpose beyond self-perpetuations, and maybe validating their own existence. It got me thinking, how much of America really has only these features for its purpose? Many politicians seem to do very little of value, and yet pander and talk and even lie to keep themselves in office. They seem to be doing little beyond perpetuating their own existence or power. Technology - it's a product, right? But really, what purpose does a faster computer, a slick PDA, or even an MP3 player with bigger hard drive serve? We do get more graphics or music or bells and whistles, but what does all that accomplish? It employs people! It keeps money going! It perpetuates a cycle of buy and replace - of validating and perpetuating its own existence.

When it really comes down to it, how much of American society accomplishes anything? We go about, living, working, existing; but do we do much of anything that has lasting value? There is so much we could do - drawing nearer to our creator, striving to save the lost from the domain of darkness, ensuring the freedom to be a light in the world - and yet, so many Christians do none of this. We need to wake up, live as Christian men and strive for our Lord and His kingdom, rather than just perpetuating or validating our own jobs and hobbies. American Christians: invest in what really matters rather than the trivial things in life.